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Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs

The Federation of European Irish Wolfhound clubs was founded in 1994 with the intention of fostering cooperation between those clubs that utilised the common Irish Wolfhound standard of the FCI. Some twenty years later we anticipate that Irish Wolfhound clubs outside of Europe will join with us; no longer will we be exclusively European so our logo and name must change to reflect our wider world.

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Season's greetings
Dear Friends,
Thank you for this opportunity to extend good wishes to all our member clubs. We appreciate your work in keeping the website updated and interesting.
A special word of thanks to our Board members, some of whom have had a lot of extra work in the past year due to some changes, eg expansion from EIWC to FIWC.
The life blood of the FIWC has been the very successful Congresses hosted by member countries over the years. It is our opportunity to come together, to share, to discuss and enjoy seeing at first hand, the hounds of our member clubs. The FIWC Congress 2018 in France promises to be a great success. I look forward to seeing you all there.
We are indebted to IW WORLD for keeping us well informed regarding European Club shows. As a suggestion, perhaps we could create more networking opportunities, example; if we had a slot on the FIWC website where Clubs could list contact details to newsletters or any other publications they wish to share.
This year in Ireland we had a full and active year. You can find details of some of these activities on this PDF document.
Sending good wishes on behalf of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland and the FIWC.
Gerard Clarke, President



EIWC Meeting 2016: UPDATE

Minutes of the 13th EIWC Ruling Council - Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany
Minutes of the 13th EIWC Ruling Council
!! There is an update at point « 6. b. Update on projects NOT being supported : Australian sire without pedigree ». See page 4 of Minutes.



Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland

On Sunday August 27th, 2017, the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland, in conjunction with the OPW & The Irish Kennel Club, presented The Native Dog Breeds of Ireland.

Taking place in the beautiful gardens of Oldbridge House, & the Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre. The event took place during Heritage Week to support the campaign for UNESCO Heritage Status for our 9 magnificent native breeds.



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IWCI - 11.06.2017
The IWCI held their Championship Show on Sunday the 11th June 2017 at Castletown House under Breed Specialist, Mrs. Csilla Juhasz.
IWCI - 11.06.2017

A unique dual presentation was awarded to our Esteemed Patrons, Mr. Jim Behan and Ms. Elizabeth C. Murphy by Gerry Clarke on behalf of the Committee and Officers of the IWCI.

IWCI - 11.06.2017
The inscription on both read « Presented by the IWCI in recognition of a life dedicated to the Preservation of our Breed Worldwide ».
The wording says it all, two humble and Genuine Guardians of the Breed.

IWCI - 11.06.2017 IWCI - 11.06.2017

IWCI - 11.06.2017 IWCI - 11.06.2017 IWCI - 11.06.2017

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FIWC 2018

FIWC 2018 website


Le Touquet

09 & 10.06.2018




IW World - Spring 2017



Revised Standard of The Irish Wolfhound
Update from Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland
February, 2017

GAIT / MOVEMENT: Movements easy and active with good reach and drive.
Regarding the wording on movement in the Revised Standard, you will remember that we suggested adding the words with good reach and drive. In view of the appearance in Facebook recently of some photographs showing Irish Wolfhounds moving with faulty over extended action we have decided to withdraw the words «with good reach and drive».
Jim Behan & Betty Murphy.










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