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Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs

The Federation of European Irish Wolfhound clubs was founded in 1994 with the intention of fostering cooperation between those clubs that utilised the common Irish Wolfhound standard of the FCI. Some twenty years later we anticipate that Irish Wolfhound clubs outside of Europe will join with us; no longer will we be exclusively European so our logo and name must change to reflect our wider world.

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Irish Wolfhound - Newgrange - Winter Solstice 2016

Great excitement with our hounds week at the Winter Solstice.

IRISH WOLFHOUND CLUB OF IRELAND - Members & Hounds make history!
For the first time in perhaps 1000 years a group of 20 Irish Wolfhounds have awaited the mid-Winter sunrise at Newgrange.
The club was welcomed to bring members and hounds to this the most important site of Ancient Ireland which predates the Egyptian Pyramids by 500 years and England's Stonehenge by 1,000 years.
Our members were able to introduce the many visitors to our great hounds - the living heartbeat of Ancient Ireland.

Eileen Battersby writing for the Irish Times described the morning like this:
« Chanting began to soar into a chorus, making a sound resembling a hum.
The darkness was fading as daylight took over. Shapes emerged out of the night, loping along on four legs.
Their arrival was greeted with cheers as close to 20 Irish Wolfhounds introduced an element of wonder, as well as a hint of the past.
The dogs were calm, stately, not a bark between them. They seemed aware that they were gathered at a ceremonial site at which their ancestors had once presided ».

Winter Solstice - sun makes late appearance at Newgrange.

The Wolfhounds have returned to Newgrange, to that place of myth and legend, to the enthusiasm of the Solstice visitors and to acclaim around the world.
The club would like to thank all the members who braved the elements to assemble at Newgrange to make history on this most special day.
The club was hosted to a magnificent breakfast following the event. We would like to thank Newgrange, all the staff at Bru na Boinne and the OPW for all their help, support and tremendous enthusiasm. The 21st of December 2016 is a day which will live long in the memory.





Hello Everyone!

Amanda and I wish to thank you all for your support of both of our For the Love of Wolfhounds. Without you we could not have created these books.
We could not have provided new treasured ways to help raise funds for club causes, IW health fund raisers and individual "Angel" book gifts.

For those of you how had major shipping issues, we are deeply sorry. In the end the decision was made to send a pallet of books to me in the USA. I have about 300 books or less left -- which we hope to sell by end of November so everyone has their books prior to the holidays.

I have a request, please share the attached holiday advert with friends and if at all possible include in your newsletters and club news (pdf version for printing, post to your Facebook and blog pages (jpg version for photo uploads).

This is also a touch base - if any of you have not received your book(s) please let me know ASAP. I have a box of books MIA for South Africa and we are solving the problem.

Please note we can have books express shipped for an additional fee (determined by the courier - ex. DHL).

Thank you all for your photos, your love, your purchases.

International Wolfhound Press -





I would like to say thank you to all who purchased, promoted and submitted photos for our first book. Book 2 is on the press as I write this message. We are all very excited. We hope you will join us in celebrating our wonderful friends once more. It is a wonderful book.

I was asked two years ago, "Why a second book?" I did not feel like we were done. Is the simple answer. That and we wanted to celebrate more of the Joy of sharing our lives with our wolfhound companions and yes, to also thank all those breeders who work so very hard to achieve the best wolfhounds in both confirmation and temperament while improving on longevity.

The book is filled with wolfhounds of all ages, and good too to see some of our friends grown up from puppies to now two and three years old, while celebrating those that live well past 7 and 8 in active and loving relationships. We actually have a number of 8, 9, 10. 11 and a 12+ year olds-- ALL ALIVE

Thank you to everyone for giving your hounds the very best of forever homes.

Larisa Blaghevica created a great advert for us and thought I would share it. Please send on to those who may not be on FB, but may be interested in a book.

We do donate to IW Health related fundraisers and to clubs. Please contact me if your club or group have a need for a book for an auction or a prize. Last fund raiser two of our first book went for $400/each

Also if there is someone you would like to nominate for a book, but you know it is simply not in their budget, we do set aside a number of copies for people who will get great enjoyment from the book. These are our "Angel Books".

If you will be going to the EIWC Congress and want a book, please pre-order now and indicate that you want to pick up the book(s) at the events.

Much love to all. Again thank you so much for your support of Book 1!

One of Rainer Sticht's photos has been chosen as our cover. He is a wonderful photographer and the photos captures a bit of "whimsy" that can make one smile just looking at it.

Not too long now.



DWZRV-Jahrbuchs 2016

DWZRV-Jahrbuchs 2016 (DE)

IWH Breeders and Owners – send in your adverts!

DWZRV Jahrbuch – Yearbook DWZRV

The new edition of the DWZRV Yearbook, dedicated to the Sighthounds and Mediterranean breeds, is a beautifully printed and illustrated publication in Din A4 (horizontal) format.
In addition to the complete stud-book registers and the names of title Winners and Champions for the last two years, it contains leading articles on sighthound sports, breeding and correct management.

The Yearbook will first be published on the occasion of the European IWH Congress in May 2016 and will be available on spot at the subscription price.
If you, IWH breeders and owners, wish to get your advert included in this Yearbook, please send your layout (jpg-format in the highest possible resolution) by post (USB-key), by E-Mail (max. 5MB) or by upload via or to:

Pottensteiner Str. 30
D-90411 Nürnberg
E-mail :
Angelika is also available for all information and advice.

There are three possible formats:
¼ page DIN A6 (horizontal) - 55,00 Eur
½ page DIN A5 (vertical) - 100,00 Eur
½ page horizontal - 100,00 Eur
(N.B. 10% discount for IWH people)

The closing date is 15th of April 2016.

Ard Ri, IW Kennel - © Gisela Schwarz
Ard Ri Kennel story.
This and much more interesting articles will be printed in the DWZRV Yearbook.



Spring issue of IW World

Spring issue of IW World is in progress and will be available at the EIWC congress (!
Deadline for your articles, adverts and club news is 10th of April 2016.




The Irish Wolfhound database

The Irish Wolfhound database

The Irish Wolfhound database
Launching sunday 13.03.2016



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