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Irish Wolfhound - hier et aujourd'hui, Gérard Alixanian, 191 pages, illustrations en NB et couleur, en français.
Commande : auprès de l'auteur :

L'événement est suffisamment rare dans le monde cynophile pour être souligné : nous saluons l'arrivée d'un nouveau livre en français sur l'Irish Wolfhound. L'auteur a voulu donner une synthèse des conseils prodigués par de grands éleveurs de renom, pour la plupart anglo-saxons, en y apportant sa propre expérience de la race et de son élevage.

Le style est vivant et très agréable à lire, loin des collections "multi races" un peu rébarbatives, rédigées par des journalistes ne connaissant qu'approximativement la race dont ils parlent.

La présentation est également originale et rend l'ensemble très plaisant, même si vous avez l'impression de déjà tout connaître sur le Lévrier Irlandais.

Ce livre sera, à n'en pas douter, très utile aux futurs ou récents propriétaires, soucieux d'élever au mieux leur chiot mais également aux habitués qui désirent approfondir leur connaissance ou se lancer dans l'élevage.

• BESSON, Victor

L'Irish Wolfhound et le Deerhound. 106 p.A4, illustr. (out of print)


L'Irish Wolfhound. Paris, Editions De Vecchi S.A. 1996. 164 p. illustr. (out of print)

• DE QUOY, Alfred

- The Irish Wolfhound Guide. 3rd ed. 1987. 543 p. illustr. (out of print)
- The Irish Wolfhound in competition. 1980. 275 p.
- The Irish Wolfhound in Irish Literature and Law. 1971 (out of print)

• DONOVAN, John A.K.

- You and your Irish Wolfhound. Fairfax, Virginia. Denlinger, 1976. 96 p. illustr.
- The Irish Wolfhound – great symbol of Ireland. Loveland CO, Alpine Publ. 1986. illustr.
- Gaelic names for Celtic dogs. Fairfax, Virginia. Denlinger, 1980. 96 p., illustr.

• GORDON, John

The Irish Wolfhound. Edingburgh, J.Bartolomew, 1973. 104 p. illustr.

• GOVER, Linda

The Irish Wolfhound. Kingdom Books U.K. 1998. 192 p. illustr.


The InterNational Irish Wolfhound Book
Volume I - WindhundWelt Edition - ISSN Nr 1862-0078
256 pages, bound in linnen - 98,00 EUR

Thanks to the collaboration of twenty Irish Wolfhound kennels and the breed-clubs from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia and the USA, we have been able to create an international publication that presents the Irish Wolfhound in unprecedented fashion.

From early records and depictions about the history and revival of the breed, passing by the standard and its interpretation from the breeders' point of view, a photo gallery of hounds from around 1900 who had an essential impact on the breed, to the individual presentation (with characterization and pedigree) of successful Irish Wolfhounds of today, a work of "scientific standard" has emerged. Contributors from all over the world reveal their expert knowledge of the "gentle giants". Illustrated with fascinating stories about the IWH, its owners, and with portraits of prestigious kennels, this book will make the heart of each Irish Wolfhound lover leap.

Fully coloured with 364 pictures, bilingual in German and English, printed on high-gloss art print paper, thread stitching, linen cloth binding, with head band and gold imprinting, this book will be the centre of your "Irish Wolfhound collection" experience the breed from its beginnings until today in appropriate style and fashion!


The Brabyn's Handbook on Irish Wolfhounds. 1981. 74p. illustr.

• Irsk Ulvehund i Norge - Irish Wolfhounds in Norway

Edited by the IUKN (Irish Wolfhound Club of Norway). 2004 - 485 pages, more than 600 photos (photos and pedigrees of dogs bred and imported in Norway)

• McBRIDE, Mary

The magnificent Irish Wolfhound. Ringpress U.K. 1998. 336 p. illustr.
Also in German.


The Guide to the Irish Wolfhound. Dublin, the Wolfhound Press, 1998. 66 p. illustr.

• MURPHY, Elizabeth C.

- Raising, showing, breeding the Irish Wolfhound. 3rd ed.rev., 1994. 282 p., illustr.
- The Irish Wolfhound. Collection of photographs and pedigrees – Ireland and U.K. 1950-1990. 250 p.


Der Irish Wolfhound – Eine alte Rasse in modernen Zeiten. Mettmann, Gloryland-Verlag. 1985.

223 p. illustr.

• PISANO, Beverly

Irish Wolfhounds. TFH Publications, 1988. 157 p. illustr.

• PISANO, Beverly

Irish Wolfhound - Living Legend E-book - Part 1

• SAMAHA, Joel

The new complete Irish Wolfhound. New York. Howell Book House. 1991. 244 p. illustr.

• SOMERFIELD, Ferelith

Mission accomplished – The life and times of Florence Nagle 1894-1988. 1998. illustr.


The complete Irish Wolfhound. 3rd ed. New York, Howell Book House, 1969. 191 et 128 p. illustr.

• SUTTON, Catherine

The Irish Wolfhound. Queniborough, K. & R.Books, 1975. 91 p., illustr.


Irish Wolfhound Passage

176 pages, soft-bound, with over two hundred pictures, many of them never seen before.

A companion volume to the "Odyssey" with all new material and photos, including several secrets of the Irish Wolfhound world.

Price: $35.00 + $5.00 postage and handling ($15.00 overseas)

Available from:
Lois J. Thomasson
18331 Corral del Cielo
Salinas, California 93908

or or


How to raise and train an Irish Wolfhound. Neptune City, TFH Publ. 1964. 64 p.

And for those interested by the history of our breed...

• GARDNER, Phyllis et Delphis

Some great Irish Greyhounds and Wolfdogs from the past. Publ. By the l'IWH Club of Ireland.

2001. 110p.

• GARDNER, Phyllis

The Irish Wolfhound, a short historical sketch. Publ. par E.C. Murphy. 1981. 253p.

• HOGAN, Edmund + + + GRAHAM, Capt. G.A.

HOGAN, Edmund

The Irish Wolfdog (1897)

+ + + bound together in one volume + + +

GRAHAM, Capt. G.A.
The Irish Wolfhound (1879). New edition in one volume by the IWH Club of Ireland in 1972. 256 p. illustr.

THE IRISH WOLFDOG by Hogan & Graham

The Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland has scanned some of the books that are in the copyright of the club so that they can be disseminated to a wider audience. The first scanned book is 'The Irish Wolfdog' by Edmund Hogan, s.j. first printed in 1897 together with 'The Irish Wolfhound' by Captain Graham, first printed in 1879. The scanned version is from the book published by the club in 1972.

They may be viewed on the Club website:

• HEAL, Robert E.

Bill Siggers – He whacked the bloody lot. Breachhurst Ltd., 1985. 319 p. illustr. (about the Ouborough Kennel and hounds)


A discussion of the Irish Wolfhound, with 80 photographs. 1995. 66p.
(Order:  Anne Mette Mikkelsen (Norway).


The dogs of Ireland. Dundalk, W.Tempest, 1949. 189 p.

• WICK Angeliek

History for Celtic hounds
Back into history with a Celtic hound as your guide. (EN)

An Irish Wolfhound Day by Day
An Irish Wolfhound litter sketched one page a day. (EN)

Mom there is a wolf in the yard
A child sees something move in the yard, but Mom is too busy to look, until...
(EN - NL)

De Keltenhond
De hond der Kelten is niet zo maar een grote hond. Niet alleen zijn uiterlijk, maar juist zijn karakter werd door de Kelten gevormd. (NL)

Hounds and Horses, Let's dance
Life and joy, love and loss in warm pastels. (NL)

Novels & Essays...

• GAENG Geneviève.

English version
Irish Whispers - 34,90 Eur (shipping fee included).

Gwen is far from suspecting, when purchasing a faded engraving in the lair of a bric-a-brac trader, that this is the first decisive step which will lead her to discover herself an all-consuming passion and involve her on a strange and disorderly quest across Ireland.
An Ireland of invasions, wars, Gaels, Kings, traditions, struggles, Cromwell, Gentlemen Farmers and a lifestyle unique in the world.
A haunting Ireland, an island swept by winds and passions from which you never return unscathed, and which, since the dawn of time, has borne one of its proudest symbols: the Irish Wolfhound.

Version française
Secret d'Irlande - 24,90 Eur (frais de port inclus).

Une histoire d'Irlande, des premières invasions à nos jours, mise en parallèle avec l'évolution et le rôle de l'un de ses symboles, l'Irish Wolfhound.
Une histoire d'Irlande, liée à celle de l'Europe, mais surtout dépendante de celle du Royaume d'Angleterre.
Une histoire d'Irlande, enfin, qui est celle des hommes, des familles, et d'un peuple tout entier.

Photo books...

• For The Love of Wolfhounds - Volume I

• For The Love of Wolfhounds - Volume II - A Joyous Life

Periodicals independant of the breed clubs...



• IW WORLD - Official publication of the Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs





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