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The Irish Wolfhound database


The Irish Wolfhound database take a fresh and complete approach to modern pedigree research. You can expect these features:

• Easy to use interface
• Pedigrees
• Trial matings
• 117.000+ Irish Wolfhounds from around the world
• Clickable links to any ancestors
• Important information at a glance
• Complete listing of siblings and half-siblings
• Complete listing of progeny and contribution to the breed
• Ancestor-statistics: Ancestor loss and Coefficient of inbreeding
• Common ancestors and their frequency
• Complete sire- and damlines with frequency
• Reverse pedigree
• Vertical pedigree
• Easy access to pedigrees with favourites and history
• Everything available for 3-10 generations
• Easy and complete printouts
• Support for use on mobile phones


The Irish wolfhound database is a free and open resource created for and by the worldwide Irish Wolfhound community. We have created the database to be a useful resource both for now, and long into the future. The database will be continuosly updated.
There are no limits to the amount of searches you may make. You are free to use any data from the database in any non-commercial (and friendly) way you like. The database will be open to research-projects.

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