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Desirable Characteristics of the IW

The leaflet below summarises the important characteristics of the Irish Wolfhound
and may be downloaded for printing.

If using double sided printing then the binding option of the printer needs to be set to 'binding on short edges' to ensure that the second page is reproduced with the correct orientation.



Great size, commanding appearance. A hunter of athletic build in good muscular condition.

• Strong greyhound-like head, proudly carried. Scissors bite ideal. Level acceptable.
• Dark eyes, soft gentle ‘Irish’ expression. Small rose ears set on high.
• Body long, loins slightly arched. Belly well drawn up.
• Topline nice - set of gentle curves from the crest of the neck to the bend of the tail.
• Sufficient length of legs as required in a sighthound.
• Front & rear balanced. Strong rear, broad and muscular thighs, stifles nicely bent.
• Rough, harsh coat.
• Movement easy and active with long stride.
• Avoid:
    - Lightly built hound;
    - Low on legs - too much length of loin;
    - Atypical movement.

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