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FIWC launches a research project on the genome of the Irish Wolfhound breed

FIWC launches a research project on the genome of the Irish Wolfhound breed. The project will be managed by University of Milan researchers, specifically Professor Stefano Paolo Marelli and Dr. Maria Giuseppina Strillacci.

The scientific approach to population management probably is the most effective way to organize breeding strategies in order to maintain type, health, and biodiversity in the IW breed. Inbreeding levels and their trends represent a basic step in understanding population characteristics both at the genealogical and genomic level.

The output of the present research will consist in an objective definition of IW population structure which will trace down effective strategies in genetic variability management and improvement, in homozygosity study and reduction, and finally in breed conservation in general.

In connection with this, 96 samples will be collected for this study, from as wide a panel of bloodlines as possible. These are saliva samples, so the dog will not experience any stress because of this. We would like to collect most of these on the occasion of the FIWC Show in Gödöllo. We ask for the exhibitors’ cooperation in collecting the biological samples and data necessary for the research.

If you are interested in contributing to the research, please fill out the attached form and bring it with you to Gödöllo. Thank you.

The FIWC Board

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The FIWC Board
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